About me

I always hate writing these. Although I always like to know what people are like myself, when I have to give people an idea of what I’m like it reduces me to a state of near total inability to communicate. Reading a CV-like list of stuff isn’t exactly thrilling, so here's a quick gallop around what I actually do: I'm a freelance writer, editor and proof reader. I've written Heroines on Horseback (2013), a gallop through the pony book in children's fiction, and have written the world's largest website on equine literature. Here is some of the more human stuff:

  • My earliest horse memory is being bitten on the arm by a piebald who lived in the field at the end of our garden. It did not put me off. 
  • My family are remarkably tolerant of my horse obsession, probably because I make valiant efforts not to include the horse in every conversation. I learned that skill at an early age, when it dawned on me that not everyone (poor, misguided souls) felt the same way about the horse as me. 
  • I have fallen off a lot of horses in my time, but the silliest was off a pony who had come to a complete stop. Having stayed on until then, I slowly toppled off sideways into a ploughed field. 
  • I love dogs. I can talk dog with fellow dog walkers for hours, and do. I have a rescue labrador. She was one of those dogs who went in and out of new homes, getting more overwrought with each one. By the time we got her, when she was 15 months old, she’d had five homes. She is quite possibly the best dog in the world. 
  • Our current cat only likes me when I am talking on the telephone, when she will appear from nowhere and mug me for affection. At all other times I am less than dirt to her. 
  • I read extremely fast, which is handy for my line of work. When I was little, my mother banned me from reading for a week. I thought life had come to an end. 
  • I can weed nettles (small ones) with my bare hands.